What Is My Home Appraised At

Read your copy of the home appraisal, then consider whether you can offer the single most persuasive item: new comps. A "comp," in the real estate world, is a point of comparison. The best way to know what a home is worth, the argument goes, is to compare it to a similar home that has recently changed hands.

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A home appraisal is the process by which a licensed appraiser conducts a thorough inspection of a property to assess its true worth (which isn’t always the same as the listing price). The appraiser will then compile all of their findings into a report and generate the home’s appraised value.

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Location has by far the biggest impact on a home’s appraisal value, since most homes appraise within 20 percent of similar homes in the neighborhood. Other things that can hurt a house appraisal include a declining real estate market, structural problems and the wrong renovations.

The purpose of a property appraisal is for the appraiser to see firsthand the home’s location, the quality and condition of its construction, the home’s amenities, and special features that may.

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When this happens, it’s not uncommon for the appraised value of the home to be less than the selling price. Since appraisals look at past homes sold, and don’t account for future price, appraisals will often come in lower than the selling price.

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A low appraisal can derail your deal. Here’s what to watch for. Home appraisals are conducted by a professional appraiser to give an estimate of the market value of a house or property.

Why home value is important. Knowing your home’s value allows you to evaluate what you can afford, determine whether a listing is priced appropriately and decide how to price your own home, says.